Software Factory

At our Software Factory, we fuse innovation with technical expertise to bring your boldest ideas to life. We are the engine behind cutting-edge solutions that have driven efficiency and growth for a variety of companies. From the development of our successful ERP-SCOP to custom projects at several clients that are still working with us today, we have proven our ability to translate business challenges into exceptional technology solutions.

Diversified Experience

We have years of experience in the development of technological solutions in diverse sectors, from the manufacturing industry to e-commerce.

Focus on Results

We understand that each project has its own needs and objectives. We work closely with you to ensure our solutions meet and exceed your expectations.

Vanguard Technology

We keep our technology base updated with the latest trends and tools. This allows us to offer efficient, scalable and high performance solutions.

Expert Team

Our team consists of highly skilled and passionate developers who find innovative solutions to the most complex challenges.

Develop your software with us

We have extensive experience acquired through the development of our own products, such as ERP-SCOP, E-Factura, Data Interfaces, as well as in procurement/purchasing systems and finance systems.

We stand out especially in continuous support, since our dedication does not end with the delivery of the project. We provide constant backup and maintenance services in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of your solutions.

Your Partner in Digital Transformation

From conceptualization to implementation and beyond, we are committed
to being your trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.
No matter the size of your project, our Software Factory is ready to take
your ideas to the next level and make your business vision a reality.
Join us in this exciting digital transformation and discover how we can
change your challenges into exceptional technology opportunities.

ISO 29110

At Data Consulting, we stand out for our quality and punctuality. Certified under ISO/IEC 29110, we cover the complete development cycle. We boost business with efficient implementations that reduce costs, increase productivity and guarantee reliable systems. We meet new needs and improvements in an agile manner, allowing customers to optimize resources.

ISO 27001

At Data Consulting, security is paramount. We support e-Factura Peru and ERP-SCOP under ISO/IEC 27001, ensuring secure electronic receipts. We protect physical and virtual assets, including the cloud, with platform and support that meet standards for management and backup. Through our Help Desk and experts, we guarantee legal and tax compliance. At Data Consulting, security is essential.

Succesfull Stories

Our clients tell their stories

Juan José Minaya Carrillo - IT Solutions Coordinator

“Before working with Data Consulting, we faced challenges with outdated technology and inefficient processes. We were assigned an expert consultant who understood both the technology and our fixed asset processes in order to develop the project of migrating the fixed asset application from Visual Basic 6.0 technology to web-based .NET technology. They also made improvements to the depreciation processes and generated new reports. Working with the Data Consulting team was an excellent experience, even though the project took longer than expected due to its complexity. The provider committed to completing it and providing the necessary support, which had a noticeable impact on our business by reducing recurring support needs and enhancing efficiency in the fixed asset processes. The efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our company have significantly improved after implementing this project. I would recommend Data Consulting’s services to other companies seeking similar IT solutions due to the dedication of their team of experts and their focus on successfully delivering projects. Overall, our experience with Data Consulting’s IT project was highly positive, underscoring their commitment to achieving objectives”

Pedro Montalvan - Head of Systems

“Working with Data Consulting was a highly satisfactory experience. Our main objective was to improve security levels in our infrastructure and comply with corporate regulations. Prior to implementing the project, we faced challenges in visibility and enforcement of security controls, and thanks to Data Consulting, we achieved cost reduction and better alignment to corporate processes. Our server availability and performance improved significantly, which has had a positive impact on our business. I would definitely recommend Data Consulting’s services to other companies looking for similar IT solutions. We have been working together for 5 years now and we are happy with the results, as they have experience, certifications and provide great confidence to work with them”

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