What is E-Factura?

At Data Consulting, as an Electronic Services Provider (PSE) and authorized
by SUNAT, we have made available to all national companies our Invoicing
portal, e-Factura, for the issuance of electronic receipts.

Thanks to constant updating with the latest legal regulations, our portal
guarantees reliability during the process of issuing and receiving electronic
receipts. In addition, we are hosted in Microsoft Azure, ensuring high levels
of operability and stability during the entire operation.

Boost your business with E-Facturam a a reliable and efficient solution!

Main Features

E-Factura is a web portal accessible 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, from any type of device.
In addition, it has a simple, intuitive and easy-
to-use operation system.

It includes a complete set of reports, as well
as allows a massive upload of documents through a standardized Excel format.

E-Factura allows you to create electronic
document series, consult issued documents,
store them according to current regulations
and personalize vouchers.

It has a 24×7 support capacity.

How do we support your business?

With e-Factura you will not only have the service of issuing electronic receipts, since we have different reports that will allow you to keep informed control over the status of your sales, but you will also save time and money, streamlining processes, reducing printing and physical storage costs, and preventing losses and forgeries.

We strive for convenience by providing the ability to access our services from any device and location, thereby enhancing customer service.

Learn more about our software in its official web site

Succesfull Stories

Our clients tell their stories


“Since we implemented the E-Factura in our institution, we have noticed a positive impact on our billing processes, supported at all times by the support service provided by Data Consulting. Nowadays, billing is much faster and more efficient, managing to optimize our resources and time throughout the process. In addition, the user-friendly nature of the E-Factura portal has allowed us to quickly and easily train our staf”