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We offer a full range of services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Security, Data Protection, BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery), Migration Services, Administration and Maintenance, Migration to Microsoft 365 or Office 365, Business Technology Consulting and Application Development.

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Data protection

Use the Azure Backup service for simple and reliable server backup in the cloud. With daily schedules, backups of files and folders can be stored in different regions and the flexibility of the service allows for on- and off-premise data protection.


We implement security policies for the cloud environment, as well as data loss prevention (DLP), while adding an additional layer of authentication by enabling MFA. We monitor the health of your cloud, infrastructure and applications using Azure Monitor; and all aspects of your tenant, subscription, resources, operating systems and applications.

Migration services

We perform the planning, management and execution of server and application migration projects to Azure, with an adequate analysis of the required size of the virtual machines and the technical engineering necessary for the success of the project.

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Our Information Technology products and services are designed to deliver
excellent results to each client, following the highest quality standards
in the market.

By choosing our services, clients benefit from high quality solutions backed
by advanced technology, reliable products and a team of committed and
experienced professionals. We work tirelessly to meet and exceed expectations
on every project.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations on every project, ensuring
that their needs, requests and objectives are met effectively and successfully.

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Strategic collaboration: We work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, providing effective and results-oriented solutions through the use of Information Technology.

Constant innovation: We stay at the forefront of the latest technological trends and continually seek new solutions to keep your company updated and abreast of market developments.

Exceptional support and service: Our team of experts is committed to providing you with high quality service and ongoing support to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Benefits of working with us

Process optimization

Improve the efficiency of your business processes with Data Consulting’s technology solutions. We identify and eliminate bottlenecks, streamlining your supply chain and automating repetitive tasks so that your company operates more efficiently.

Data security

Protect your business data and prevent cyber attacks with Data Consulting’s cybersecurity solutions. We comply with current privacy regulations and guarantee the security of your data at all times.

Data management and analysis

Unlock the potential of your business data with our data management and analytics solutions. We organize and analyze your information to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions that drive your business growth.

Systems and Platform Integration

Simplify your technology environment by integrating systems and platforms with the help of Data Consulting. We create a seamless flow of data and improve collaboration between departments, resulting in greater business efficiency and better coordination between teams.

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Succesfull Stories

Our clients tell their stories

Dennis Castillo -

Head of Systems

“Data Consulting has been key to transform our company. We have been working together for more than 13 years, and thanks to their experience and knowledge in IT solutions, they have allowed us to overcome challenges and optimize our business management. We had poor data management, without the necessary cloud services, and thanks to Data Consulting, we have been able to improve our efficiency, increase productivity and obtain concrete results. I would recommend their services to any company looking for quality IT solutions, with a solid, committed and experienced technical team. They are true experts in what they do, always aligned with the corporate policies that companies need”.

Juan José Minaya Carrillo -

IT Solutions Coordinator

“Before working with Data Consulting, we faced challenges with outdated technology and inefficient processes. We were assigned an expert consultant who understood both the technology and our fixed asset processes in order to develop the project of migrating the fixed asset application from Visual Basic 6.0 technology to web-based .NET technology. They also made improvements to the depreciation processes and generated new reports. Working with the Data Consulting team was an excellent experience, even though the project took longer than expected due to its complexity. The provider committed to completing it and providing the necessary support, which had a noticeable impact on our business by reducing recurring support needs and enhancing efficiency in the fixed asset processes. The efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our company have significantly improved after implementing this project. I would recommend Data Consulting’s services to other companies seeking similar IT solutions due to the dedication of their team of experts and their focus on successfully delivering projects. Overall, our experience with Data Consulting’s IT project was highly positive, underscoring their commitment to achieving objectives”

Pedro Montalvan -

Head of Systems

“Working with Data Consulting was a highly satisfactory experience. Our main objective was to improve security levels in our infrastructure and comply with corporate regulations. Prior to implementing the project, we faced challenges in visibility and enforcement of security controls, and thanks to Data Consulting, we achieved cost reduction and better alignment to corporate processes. Our server availability and performance improved significantly, which has had a positive impact on our business. I would definitely recommend Data Consulting’s services to other companies looking for similar IT solutions. We have been working together for 5 years now and we are happy with the results, as they have experience, certifications and provide great confidence to work with them”

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Corporate certifications

In addition, our staff is in constant training and has several certifications issued by recognized institutions, such as
Microsoft, PECB ISO 27001, AWS, CISCO Cybersecurity, IBM Credentials, Sophos Firewall Engineering,
Project Management Professional, Certiprof y Xtendo.